Pre-Order Uniforms for 2018

  • Uniforms - Pre-ordering of uniforms is strongly encouraged. In 2018 new school polo shirts and faction shirts are being introduced. Any items of the current school uniform may continue to be worn whilst they are in a reasonable and suitable condition. 
  • A discount is being offered on new polo shirts, and Faction shirts if applicable, for orders placed and PAID IN FULL by the 8th of December 2017. Orders placed after this date will need to be completed on the standard Uniform Order Form (also attached) and will not receive the discount on the new polo and faction shirts.
  • Students from Yr 1 to Yr 6 will be allowed to wear their Faction Shirts on Fridays throughout the year, with the exception of school excursions occuring on a Friday where standard school uniform may be a requirement.

*Please note that Kindergarten and Pre-Primary students are not required to purchase and wear theFaction shirt as they do not participate for their Faction in events/activities until Yrs 1 – 6.

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