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From the Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents


Today I write my last message as Principal of Caversham Primary School as I take up a promotional position as Principal of Edgewater Primary School. I would like to thank all members of staff, particularly Mrs Kerry Vine, Manager of Corporate Services, Mr Rhys Beavan, Deputy Principal and Mrs Karen Otley, School Officer for their support to not only my role but to the students, parents and wider community. I am confident that School Board Chairperson, Mrs Margaret McCarthy and P&C President, Michelle Tomazin will continue to support and guide the community as the school continues to respond to the continued growth and development of the Swan Valley. 


Next term Mr Beavan will take on the role of Acting Principal whilst the position of a new substantive Principal is advertised and filled for the start of Term 4. Mrs Harrison and Miss Chave will share the role of Acting Deputy in Term 3. Students in Rooms 11 and Yr 1 students in Room 13 will receive a letter to take home to parents with further details.


I warmly thank you for the privilege of leading the Caversham school community. I will treasure what I have learnt from all of you as you have shared your fascinating life experiences and journey's with me. As I have sought to understand it has made me a better person and leader in my endeavour to lead the education for children that prepares them to contribute positively to their community and the wider world.

Semester One Reports

Semester One reports will be made accessible to parents via CONNECT by the end of the school day next Wednesday, 27th June. Reports are available from the My Students on Connect.


Please note that children who are graded with a "C" or a satisfactory are achieving at the expected level for their year level.


Please note that reports are not able to be viewed from the Connect NOW app, please visit the website from your preferred internet browser and log in using your ‘P Number’ and password as your username. This can be done from any device. If you have forgotten your password please take advantage of the ‘Forgot Password’ feature provided at the sign-in screen.


Planning for 2019 – Kindy, Pre-Primary and Yrs 1-6

To assist with planning for the new school year it is important that we have accurate projections of our student numbers.


Applications for the 2019 Kindergarten program close on Friday the 20th of July 2018. Kindergarten is a     pre-compulsory year of schooling. Parents are reminded that they are completing an application to enrol and that selection criteria is applied in considering applications for enrolment. Details are provided on page 4 of the Application to Enrol form.


Families with children currently attending our 2018 Kindergarten program are required to apply for their child to attend Pre-Primary in 2019. A letter containing information, an Application to Enrol form and information on how to obtain the required Immunisation Certificate has or will be been sent home with all current Kindergarten students this week to assist parents on meeting this requirement. Please ensure these are completed and returned with a copy of your child’s current Immunisation Certificate provided by the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) by the closing date of the 20th of July 2018 (Please note this is not the immunisation record card contained in your child’s Purple Book). There is no need to re-supply your child’s birth certificate.


Current Families - If you know your child/ren will be moving to a new school in 2019 please notify the office. The reverse is equally as important, if you know someone moving into our local intake area requiring a placement for a school aged child in 2019 please ask them to visit the office to enrol.


Undercover Area Update

The pre-start meeting for the Undercover Area will be held on Thursday, 21st June. LKS Builders (Malaga) have been awarded the contract. Mr Beavan will keep you informed via CONNECT of changes required to accommodate the building process. The 5 month build period will require patience, flexibility and courtesy from all members of the school community.


Parental Responsibility

With the arrival of winter comes the reminder to parents that children should not be crossing the road unattended. If you park across from the school please leave your car, cross the road and safely re-cross the road with your child/ren.


Term 3 Class Restructure

With an increase in student numbers there will be a restructure that affects three classes for the start of Term 3. Parents of children in Rooms 13, 3 and 4 received letters on Monday to inform them of the changes.


Scitech Excursion

Students had a fantastic time exploring at Scitech. They experienced a wide range of activities and are now extending on topics in the classroom.


Wakakirri – Request for Donations

Our Wakakirri team are in need of some sarongs or sheer scarves for our performance. If any families are happy to donate these please send them to Room 1.

Thank you.

Mrs Amanda Eversden

Speech & Drama Performances at Governor Stirling SHS

Caversham Primary School will be represented at the Speech and Drama Festival 2018 held and run by Governor Stirling Senior High School. This is an amazing opportunity for Caversham to showcase our Drama skills. There are four categories at the Festival. These include Mime, Choral Speaking, Prose Reading and Poetry. The selected students from Caversham will compete against other Primary Schools in the local area. The students selected from Years 4 to 6 have been chosen based on their in-class performances and participation. We wish them well.


Term 3 Planner

Looking at the Term 3 Planner, included with this newsletter, we have a very busy time ahead. We look forward to a visit from Perform during our Book Week celebrations (K to Yr 6 students), Faction Sports Carnival and Jumps and Throws and of course our annual Learning Journey to look forward too. Students in Pre-Primary to Year 6 will participate in swimming in Weeks 9 and 10. Any necessary changes to the Term Planner will be communicated by individual classroom teachers or through the school newsletter. 


Kindergarten Parents – Please note that as this is a whole school planner, only the alternate Wednesdays are detailed. Kindergarten students continue to also attend on their regular two days of each week (Mondays & Thursdays or Tuesdays and Fridays, depending on which Kindy group they are in) throughout the term.

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